With most manufacturers now using rolling code/code hopping technology, it is not possible to clone remotes anymore.

Each new remote needs to be paired to the device you are trying to operate. That means that in order to make a button operate that device, you would need to teach the device to recognize that particular remote.

In order to do this you would need access to that device, either opening up the cover to access to control card, or finding the receiver linked to the device. With there being so many different brands and models on the market, it can become difficult in finding out how to do this procedure. It also differs from each other and the steps needed to complete this.

It is best to get Remote Guru Technical out to come and do this for you, but if you think that it is something you could tackle yourself, we have included some of the articles below for reference. Please take note that you do this at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible. These instructions are straight from the installation manuals included with each product. Also remember that you are working with live power and every precaution should be taken in order to prevent injury.

To help you along please select the type of device you own and carefully read the instructions.







 DRIVE 300




DRIVE 1000











 R/C RX1

1. Press and hold required transmitter button.

2. Momentarily short the two pins “P” with a jumper short.

3. Buzzer will beep to confirm the code has been learnt. 1 Beep = first code learnt into memory (Master transmitter) 2 Beeps = code learnt and there is more memory available Multiple rapid beeps = the memory is full

4. Remove jumper short and stop transmitting. Repeat 1 to 4 for each transmitter up to 30 users including the master. 


 R/C RX3 New

1. Begin transmitting with the required remote button by pressing and holding it.

2. While still transmitting, press and release the required button on the receiver. Channel 1 = “Set Channel 2 = “Down” Channel 3 = “Up”          • The buzzer will beep and the display will confirm the user memory location allocated followed by the channel selected.

3. Release the remote button.

4. Repeat 1 to 3 for additional remote buttons.


R/C RX3 Old

1. Press and hold the required button on the transmitter

2. Press and hold the required CH button on the receiver.

3. Release both when the receiver LED flashes confirmation.

1 Flash = first code learnt into memory. 2 Flashes = code learnt and there is more memory available. 10 Flashes = code learnt and the memory is full and will over-ride last remote learned in.



1. Press and hold required transmitter button

2. Then press the” SET” button. The receiver will automatically allocate the next available memory location, as indicated on the digital display. (Remember to keep a record of which transmitter/user has been allocated to which memory location.)

3. Repeat 1&2 to learn more transmitters up to “999”





1. Open the receiver unit. Ensure that the jumper is not bridging J1 or J2.

2. The first transmitter that is learned into the NOVA VOYAGER receiver (with a completely clear or erased memory) becomes the master transmitter. Press and hold any NOVA transmitter button down for at least five seconds.

3. The red LED will now illuminate.

4. The operator is triggered, indicating that the transmitter button has been learned.

5. This transmitter is now the master transmitter. Mark the transmitter clearly as “master transmitter” as it will be required whenever new transmitters are to be added to the receiver’s memory.

Learning the transmitter(s)

1. Open the receiver unit, and with power on, bridge the learn/J1 pins with the jumper provided.

2. The red LED will now illuminate.

3. Press the required button on the NOVA transmitter. The red LED will flash once, indicating that the transmitter button has been learned. If you need to learn further buttons or transmitters, repeat the procedure as in Step 3.

4. Once the LED has confirmed that the transmitter button has been learned, remove the jumper from the learn/J1 pins and store on one of the pins.



Enter program mode by holding down oval button.

Scroll to menu 11 Remotes, select Add, choose BT or Pedestrian and press new remote button.

Other functions:

11.1. Add remotes 11.2. Delete remotes 11.3. Edit remote button 11.4. Autolearn 11.5. Lock Tx menu 11.6. Onboard receiver enable/disable



 Step 1: Rotate the Function Dial to the REMOTES position (B).

Step 2: Rotate the Setting Dial to the desired selection along the ‘B’ row of options. You can choose from the following settings:  Tx TRG to assign a remote control button to be learned into the system and trigger the gate to fully open  Tx PED to assign a remote control button to be learned into the system and partially open the gate for a pedestrian  Tx LCK to assign a remote control button to be learned into the system and activate Holiday Lockout Mode

Step 3: Press the Pushbutton to select the setting chosen from above – the Status LED will change from red to green to confirm the setting.

Step 4: Press the desired button on the remote control(s) that you want to active the selected function. The Status LED will flash twice indicating that the onboard receiver has learned in the remote control(s). The onboard buzzer will also pulse twice.

Step 5: Return the Function Dial to the RUN position.




 1. The XTrac offers the following five operations which can be operated using a transmitter or wall pendant button: Function One Open/close garage door Function Two Switch Courtesy Light on/off Function Three Enable/disable Holiday Lockout Function Four Override Autoclose Override Function Five Learn all buttons

2. To program a button to activate one of the above mentioned functions, press the LEARN button: Once Function One Twice Function Two Three times Function Three Four times Function Four Five times Function Five

3. Press and hold the desired remote or wall pendant button for three seconds.

4. Proceed this way to add additional buttons.

5. The system will remain in Learn Mode for ten seconds after the last button press.



Momentarily press the Learn button. The LED Display will display “00”1 to confirm that the user is in the programming menu. Scroll using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to choose desired function.

Using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, select ‘ru’. Press and hold the transmitter button until the display flashes “ru” and the buzzer beeps once.



Locate the Learn Button on the control panel by removing the cover.

Press Learn Button once and indicator light will illuminate.

Press button on remote twice.