Drive 300 - A low cost, full featured solution for automating residential gates, up to 300 kg


  • High speed, strong and durable electric motor with removable brushes for easy maintenance
  • Tried and tested drive-train proven to be exceptionally robust
  • UV resistant housing to endure long term exposure to harsh climates
  • Lockable single action manual release
  • Small footprint for installations where limited space is available



  • Intelligent energy management (as little as 1,5W power in standby), to maximise efficiency and extend battery operation time
  • Full battery backup in case of power failure
  • Intelligent battery charging for battery longevity
  • Battery low and mains failure warning
  • Solar power ready



  • LED display for ease of programming and diagnostics
  • Quick access shortcut for adding ET Blu Mix ® remotes
  • Individually add and remove remote control users and functions
  • Quick and simple run-time setup
  • “Drive series” intelligent gate profiling, monitoring and collision detection
  • Self-resetting overload protection on outputs
  • Various operating modes with customizable parameters, e.g. slow-down distance, auto close times, pedestrian distance, etc.
  • Permanently monitored safety beam circuit
  • Remote status indicator


  • Gate forced open alarm monitoring
  • Safety beam tamper detection
  • RF jamming and signal strength tester, transmitter identification
  • ET Blu Mix ® enhanced rolling code receiver – “The most secure code in Africa” – 32 user memory x 4 functions each
  • Positive close and electronically locking features
  • Auxiliary relay output for can be selected to operate mag lock, strike lock, lights etc.


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